Mind boggled

This is from the Guardian fashion blog (which is a video). I swear I clicked on in accidentally, but once I had, the sheer mindbogglingness of it boggled my mind. There are people in the world who will actually say things like "So here I am in my boring dress. Which is really nice. Boring is good. Boring is a compliment! This is what we've got to get used to". She looks like she is dreading getting used to it, but she has to because apparently it is the fashion now. "I mean, how fabulously boring is that coat". Another gleam of golden oddness. "It's been such a long time since you could get excited about going shopping for a boring pair of black trousers". I am glad we finally have permission to do so now. From the great pantheon of fashionistas.

Yes, I watched the whole thing. Giggling. And now I share it with you. Haven't you been deprived all these years? Not knowing that boring is good!